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   Activities on Lesvos - Skala Eressos
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  BirdwatchingFlamingos in Kalloni - Lesbos IslandFlamingos in Kalloni Lesvos Island   Spa - Hot springsSpa - Hot Springs in Lesvos IslandMineral Springs in Lesvos Island
  Scuba divingScuba Diving in EressosScuba Diving in Eressos   YachtingYachting - Sea Side of Eresos BeachEresos Beach
  Beach volleyBeach Volley EressosBeach Volley Eressos   Monastery visitsOld Monastery EresosOld Church Eresos
  Sea SportsSea Sports EressosSea Sports Eressos   Mini Soccer Mini Soccer LesvosMini Soccer Lesvos
  Shopping Traditional Natural FoodTraditional Food EressosTraditional Food Eressos   Shopping Traditional Natural Drinks Traditional Drinks LesvosTraditional Drinks Lesvos
  Traditional dancing Traditional Dances EressosTraditional Dances Eressos
   Travel from Lesvos to Turkey

There are organized tours (from travel agents) and individual trips from Lesvos to Turkey (Mytilini - Ayvalik - 1 hour by boat).

The Turkish coast is opposite Lesvos island and there are many sites famous from ancient Greek mythology and history.

  • Troy
  • Assos
  • Pergamon
  • Izmir (Smyrna)
  • Ephesus (Efes)
  • Pamukkale (Hierapolis)
  • Cappadocia
  •    Calendar of activities on Lesvos (Lesbos) island
      8th of May"Feast of Agios Ioannis Theologos"
    This feast takes place at the Monastery of Ipsilou - Andissa
      Easter"Decoration of the epitaph"
    At Easter, all the epitaphs are gathered in the square of Eressos, for the competition of the best decorated epitaph - Eressos.
      On the first   day of June" Bull's feast"
    The Bull's feast is celebrated with horse - racings, and animal sacrifice - Agia Paraskevi
      24th of June"Feast of Agios Ioannis Klydon"
    The feast is celebrated with small fires on the village's alleys - Sigri
      4th of July"Feast of Agios Andreas"
    The feast of Agios Andreas includes a litany .- Eressos
      20th of July"Feast of Prophiet Ilias"
    Horse Races - Agiassos
      20th of July"Feast of Prophiet Ilias"
      27th of July"Feast of Agios Pandeleimonas"
      At the end of   JulyHorse races - Plomari
      End of July"Klydon"
    In Polihnitos, the traditional feast of Klydon is celebrated with fire and popular instruments - Polihnitos
      July"Cultural events"
    Several cultural events take place in the castle of Mithimna - Mithimna (Molyvos)
      First days of   August"Ouzo feast"
      2nd of August"Octopus feast"
    N. Kydonies
      6th of August"Feast of Saviour"
      6th of August"Feast of Annunciation"
      6th of August"Feast of Annunciation"
      15th of   August"Feast of the Virgin Mary"
    This feast is organised along with other curltural events such as theatrical performances, dances, exhibitions and concerts. The Municipality organises track races, called "Christophidia", attended by the whole island - Agiassos
      15th of   August"Cultural events"
    The festival of Kalloni includes exhibitions, theatrical performances and a local fair.- Kalloni
      15th of   August"Feast of Virgin Mary"
      On the first   fortnight of   August"Cultural events"
    The Municipality and the Cultural Society "Theophrastos" organise art exhibition championships and concerts, in the first fortnight of August - Eressos
    After the fishing boat catches the fish and returns to the port ("Fourneli"), the fish is sold for the feast's expenses - Polihnitos
      August"Feast of the sardine"
    Skala Kalloni
      August"Cultural events"
    Several cultural events take place in the castle of Mithimna - Mithimna (Molyvos)
      14th of   October"Feast of Agios Ignatios"
    This feast takes place at the Monastery of Limonas - Kalloni
      26th of   October"Feast of Agios Dimitrios"
    The feast includes horse races and celebrations in the coffee-shops. On the feast's Eve, the locals kill a bull and boil it with "Keskeki" all night long, singing and dancing - Moria
      21st of   November"Feast of the Monastery of Perivoli"

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