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Panoramic View of Skala Eressos (Eresos)Beach Eressos (Eresos) Skala Skala Eressos is located in the southwestern part of Lesvos (Lesbos) island. It is located 96km from the capital town, Mytilini, 26km from Sigri town and 5km from the village of Eressos. Skala Eressos is internationally known for its amazing 4km long unspoiled beach which is reputed to be the most beautiful beach on the entire island of Lesvos, if not the whole of Greece. The beach of Skala Eressos receives the Blue Flag Award every year according to Foundation for Enviromental Education in Europe (FEEE) awarded to the cleanest and best cared for beaches in Greece.

Skala Eresos Lesvos IslandSkala Eressos Lesbos Island

The village of Skala Eressos is built on a valley floor and surrounded by a stunning of volcanic rock and mini mountains. The people how choose to stay in Eressos Skala (Eresos) - you are never very far from the sea, the beach and the many restaurants and bars which offer open beach terrace where you can sit and watch the sea and stunning sunsets to your hearts content. The Lesvos (Lesbos) Island Eressos Skala Eresos - offer a lot of solutions for accommodation: holiday house, vacation home, holiday rentals, vacation rentals, holiday apartment holiday home ideal for your cheap vacation. Villa La Skala is a very established holiday villa rentals.

Antiquity in Skala Eressos (Eresos)Old Mosaic in Skala Eressos (Eresos)In antiquity Skala Eressos was an important commercial centre and it was famous as being the birthplace of the poetess Sappho, the home of the Theophrastus, an ancient philosopher and botanist, and also the home of the philoshopher Phanias, who was a student of the famous Aristotele.

Petrified Forest Sigri Lesvos IslandMuseum of Petrified Forest and Natural History - Sigri Lesbos IslandA few miles down the main road on the way to Sigri, one finds the petrified forest, a wonder of nature, which is the only one in Europe. It is estimated to be almost 20.000.000 years old ! The forest covers approximately a 6 square km area and some of its trees are several meters tall.

Small Fisher Port in Skala EressosSmall Fisher Port in Skala EresosThe village of Skala Eressos is a vivid place with cultural events taking place throughout the summer. There is a small harbour with fishing boats, which supply the village with fresh fish.

Traditional Tavern in Skala EressosTraditional Tavern in Eresos Skala There are many restaurants and bars around the area,most of them with their own terraces near the beach and their individual decoration. They offer a large variety of dishes from all over the world such as English breakfast, German, Dutch, Austrian, Scandinavian, French and Italian dishes, vegetarian food and they create a really pleasant, enjoyable and relaxing ambiance.

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