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   Wildlife and birds                                                                                                       click on photos to enlarge !

River Turttles in Skala Eressos (Eresos)Flamingos in Kalloni - Lesbos IslandFlamingos in Kalloni Lesvos IslandLesvos is known in bird-watching circles as one of the best locations in Europe to observe migrating birds. For people interested in birdwatching the best places for observation are around Kalloni, Skala Eressos and Sigri.

   Petrified forest

Petrified Forest Sigri Lesvos IslandPetrified Forest Sigri Lesbos IslandPetrified Forest Sigri Lesbos IslandThe petrified forest of Lesvos island was formed as a result of favourable conditions for petrifaction which prevailed on the North Western side of the island 15-20 million years ago. Its creation is directly associated with the volcanic activity of the greatest area of Lesvos with its active volcano.

   Hot Springs

Hot Springs in Lesvos IslandHot Springs in Lesbos IslandMineral Springs in Lesvos IslandThe hot springs of Lesvos have been known since antiquity. These springs are recommended for the cure of chronic diseases: rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases, sciatica of the hip joint, myalgic pain, illnesses of the womb.

   Products of Lesvos

   Olive Oil

Olives from Lesvos IslandOlive Oil from Lesbos IslandYou will have the opportunity to visit Lesvos island at the time when all the fields are full of life and the locals are collecting the olives. You can see how they produced olive oil in the past. The oil from Lesvos is exceptionally light and tasty.


Traditional Greek Ouzo from LesvosTraditional Greek Ouzo from Lesbos
Lesvos island is one of the largest and better known producers of ouzo in Greece. Ouzo is made from a very precise combination of pressed grapes, herbs and berries.

   Traditional Cheese

Traditional Cheese from LesvosGreek Feta from Lesbos
The traditional cheese known as "Ladotyri" is produced exclusively on Lesvos island from sheep milk or a mixture of sheep and goat milk.

   Salted Fish Products

Traditional Sardines from Kalloni LesvosFresh Fish from Skala Eressos
The island of Lesvos is also well known for it's salted sardines and sardine paste - off the gulf of Kalloni. It is the best snack to accompany your ouzo.


Traditional Ceramics from LesvosTraditional Ceramics from LesvosTraditional Hand-Made Ceramics from Lesbos
There are some lovely ceramics made on Lesvos, particularly in Agiassos and Madamados.

   Photo Gallery

Sandy Beach of Skala Eressos  Sandy Beach of Skala Eresos  Sea Side of Eressos Beach  Sandy Beach of Skala Eressos (Lesvos Island)  Sea Side of Eresos Beach  Port view in Lesvos

Traditional Caffe in Eressos Skala  Restaurant in Skala Eresos  Small Port in Lesvos  Cafeteria in Skala Eresos  Beach Bar in Skala Eressos  River Turttles in Eressos Skala

Traditional Lesvos Shop  Traditional Carnival in Eressos  Traditional Carnival in Eresos  Old School of Eressos (Theophrastos)  Port view in  Lesvos  Gulf of Kalloni

Skala Eressos  Port of Mytilini  Old Monastery in Eressos  Eressos Lake  Natural Beauty in Kalloni  Natural Beauty in Eresos

Viennese Caffe Skala Eressos  Sunset - Lesvos Island  Windmill in Lesvos Island  Traditional tavern  Natural Beauty  Olive Grove in Gavatha - Lesvos

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